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A Culinary Journey With Oceania Cruises

We recently caught up with our friend Jonny Peat, cruise expert and Commercial Manager at The Advantage Travel Partnership, to get the insider scoop on Oceania Cruises and cover all things food. Get ready to embark on a culinary journey through Oceania Cruises. From the freshest seafood to the most delicious desserts, you’ll set off on a voyage of flavours and tastes that will make your taste buds dance. Explore the culinary delights of Oceania Cruises and discover the best dishes from around the world. Here’s what Jonny has to say…


A luxury cruise might not be what you’d naturally think of when searching for a holiday that will exceed your expectations, but believe me, Oceania Cruises really deliver on culinary excellence. Vista, the newest addition to their fleet has 12 dining experiences – more choices than ever before – and each one is distinct and carefully thought through.  Specialty dining on cruise ships often incurs a fee, but here, everything is included in the price of your trip. With Oceania Cruises, the quality starts with the finest ingredients, which are procured from across the globe. For example, the pastries served at breakfast contain the best flour and butter imported from France, and are baked fresh daily on board, under the watchful eye of their French Executive Chef, ensuring they’re light and delicate – très magnifique! Oceania sends its team of experts all over the world to find what’s hot on the food scene and partnered with Imanol Jaca (famed butcher from the Basque region whose meat products are considered some of the best in the world), it doesn’t get much better than that!


Polo Restaurant is just one of four specialty restaurants on board. Here you’ll find attentive service from expert waiters and sommeliers that clearly have passion for their craft, taking their time to describe the menu options in detail…you’re in great hands here. There’s an element of theatre and fun, with tableside preparation but rest assured, there is style and substance in equal measure. Polo is a firm favourite on other ships in the fleet but – not to rest on their laurels – the menu on board Vista has evolved with a huge choice of signature cuts of beef, seafood dishes, and other chops. You’d happily return here again and again.


How do you bring guests closer to the region they’re visiting than ever before? By introducing passport-orientated cookery classes led by leading chefs from all over the world! The Culinary Center is such a clever concept. You will learn about regional specialties from the places you visit and execute a full menu using skills passed onto you from the masters of their craft.  An incredible sense of achievement ensues, and copies of the recipes are gifted for you to take home, including one for homemade Lemonciello – perfecto. The whole setup is so professional, with clever camera technology focused on the chef’s expert hands, just like a TV show, meaning budding professionals can fast-track their way to a Michelin star…. well, maybe.


There are lots of misconceptions about food on board a cruise ship, including the idea that guests will gain weight and items are stacked high in a buffet – not true. Oceania Cruises is dedicated to the finest cuisine, but fine dining can be full of flavour and good for you. A new restaurant addition is Aquamar Kitchen, with a fresh perspective and plenty of options if you want to maintain some balance, including raw juices, smoothies, and yellowfin tacos.  A favourite is tuna poke bowl, freshly made right in front of your eyes, and recommended to be washed down with a low-sugar prosecco – delicious. Aquamar Kitchen will prove very popular and it’s perfect for anyone indulging in the evenings but wanting to feel a little less guilt during the day. One point to note is the evening menu in The Grand Dining Room includes an ever-changing menu including healthy options from Aquamar Café called Aquamar Vitality Cuisine…keep an eye out for this. 

If you are ready to explore and indulge in a culinary adventure like no other, Oceania will go above and beyond your expectations. Contact us today so you don’t miss out on the amazing opportunity to explore the world of Oceania Cruises’ cuisine. 

The Advantage Travel Partnership

May 25 2023
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