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Discover the Beauty of Cruising Norway with Fred .Olsen Cruise Lines

If you have never been on a cruise before, it can be a daunting task picking out which company to book with, what extra perks are most important to you and, importantly, where to go. Here, Martin Lister, Head of Itinerary Planning and Destination Experience at Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, explains the virtues of a trip to Norway – arguably one of the best cruising regions for first timers and tantalisingly close to the UK.

Most people contemplating a European adventure are drawn to the most popular destinations of Spain, Italy, the Greek islands, or the Baltics. However, the Norwegian Fjords should definitely be top of the bucket list for those who have never explored its spectacular waterfalls and mountainous scenery – or those who want a taste of adventure in the wilds. 


While Mediterranean cruises can include more sights than you can possibly see in one day, Norway offers smaller ports and won’t overwhelm visitors with attraction options.

This means there is plenty of time for scenic cruising allowing customers to take in the natural beauty that exceeds expectations and allows you to dive in and enjoy your experience to its fullest.

What’s more, although there are plenty of longer voyages, a lot of Fjords cruises are shorter in duration including several five-night options from Newcastle and Rosyth which are extremely popular with our guests and make them ideal for people who may never have set foot on a cruise ship before and want to dip their toe in the water.

There are so many benefits to choosing a cruise holiday in the Norwegian Fjords. Park your car close to the ship with dedicated parking providers or jump in a taxi from the nearby station, with a smooth and simple check-in process that sees staff taking your luggage to your cabin.

Once on board, you are already on holiday and the journey to the Fjords is magical, allowing you to relax and enjoy the many amenities such as our exquisite food, fabulous entertainment and access to knowledgeable and attentive staff that give the experience the added wow factor.

Once you get to the Fjords, there are incredible, breath-taking views all the way around your ship’s decks. The Fjords penetrate deep inland but smaller ships, like those on the Fred. Olsen fleet, are ideal for the adventure. You can use them to explore the stunning curves and approach the towering mountains, steep cliffs, and rushing waterfalls in ways you wouldn't think were possible.


Cruises like Fred. Olsen’s also bring the tastes of the region directly to the ship and the chefs take great pride in making delicious meals using fresh ingredients and preparing dishes that are popular in the destinations you’re visiting.

In addition, there are speciality dining restaurants alongside casual dining options at the buffets, and you can also choose to enjoy a selection of light bites at the poolside. All dishes are freshly prepared on board, including freshly baked bread, which is mouth-wateringly good.

You’ll also have the chance to enrich your cruise with other exciting offerings such as bespoke wine-tasting sessions, sampling wines from the regions you are visiting; enjoying a Martini Experience, learning about luxury teas, and breakfast and lunch forums with our guest speakers where food and drink lovers can discover more about tastes of the region.


Of course, you can also expand your horizons with the extent of the ship’s excursions and for people looking for more than just the usual tourist attractions, Fred. Olsen itineraries are designed to capture some of the real hidden gems of the area.

You can visit the mighty Briksdal Glacier in Olden, hike atop Bergen’s Mount Fløyen with a local, visit Skjolden, nestled deep within the Lustrafjord; or kayak the Hardangerfjord and even deviate away from the direct routes to take a scenic route along Lysefjord – out of reach to larger ships and past Hornelen, Europe’s highest sea cliff to admire views of the Fureberg and Langfoss waterfalls.

One of the major draws to a Norwegian cruise is, of course, seeing the midnight sun and the Northern Lights at opposite ends of the year.

In midsummer the sun never sets, so if you stay up late enough you could watch it brush the horizon then begin its ascent, and from November to March the dark sky often lights up with the colourful swirls of the aurora borealis.

In short, most passengers travelling along coastal Norway are looking for tranquillity and relaxation, spectacular scenery and beautiful landscapes, and a taste of some local specialities along the way – Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines can provide all this and more. Contact us today to kick start your adventure in the Norwegian Fjords.

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Jul 31 2023
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